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April 9th, 2015

03:41 pm - Day 7
Went out thrift shopping to help a friend who has a cocktail party and has no idea about how to dress. It is more career or professional cocktail. So I grabbed another friend and we have her set. Found a great dress and shoes quickly. Then she found a couple of cute tops for the other events she has to attend.
I also shopped...because!
I found two pairs of shoes, a piece to take apart for belly dance costuming, a jacket to use for Paul's Pirate cosplay, and a Chinese style stand. It spoke to me! The two places we went are right by my house and will be a go to again soon.
Two of us went to lunch at Panera's. I asked if the green tea was sweetened. It is with fruit juice so opted for it. Let me say IT IS TOO SWEET! I ended up mixing it with unsweetened hibiscus tea. Which makes it better!
I had a salad - it was okay. The roll came home for Paul.
WATER! I am dehydrated and it is in the 80s today.
We are just over 5 months from DCon and I must get on it!

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April 8th, 2015

10:34 pm - Day 6
I have a bit of a headache from the weather, but I am doing great! I have had fruit - lots of fruit. There is a definite difference to how I feel. I am also avoiding most white flour and wheat in general. At some point I will allow myself the treat, but I am so Far off from it right now. I will be starting back on my workouts next week Plus, we have a 5k this weekend and I can tell my energy will be good. Must carb load a bit and I we will get bagels after. This will be the 16 5k I have done since the car accident in 2009. I hope to work to fully running so a half is in my future. If my body allows. I had a torn meniscus in Nov. of 2014 and that sucked! I started rehab exercises on my own, within an hour of the tear, after assessing the situation. The knee did not swell so I knew it was not the ACL or PCL. Those exercises saved so much of my agility and sped up the healing. Now to get the weight off! Permanently!

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April 6th, 2015

10:34 pm - Day 4
Sore and I will be even more so tomorrow.
Ended up doing 4 and a half hours of work outside. Digging up plants by Annette's pond. Then Paul and I dug up the liner...ugh! It was so horrid and so much work. But we not have a liner we can use to do another pond to put in near the one Annette filling in.
We saved So many tadpoles! And 6 or 7 frogs.
Sore but triumphant.
Did I mention it started raining or that the pond had not been maintain for almost two years?
Can you say Bog Of Eternal Stench?
My rubber yard boots were filled with water! They are upside down on the porch.

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April 4th, 2015

11:37 am - Dy 1
Yesterday was day 1 of 100 days of no sugar and making healthy additions to life. This means exercise, eating well, water, and doing things with friends.
The last 5 years have been stressful and I am over that!

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February 8th, 2015

09:25 pm
Just over two miles plus 13 flights. I have been ill since ChattaCon due to how smoky the hotel was.

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January 27th, 2015

03:54 pm - Exercise and life
I hit the gym with my friend. She arrived later so I was able to get in 5 mins. on the treadmill with it at incline 15. Then 5 mins, at incline 9. I burned around 700 calories in 70 mins. I did not do the stairs and am tempted to go back tonight, after the show, but I doubt I will.
So tomorrow I will try fir 20 flights!

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01:13 am - Exercise...
Today was odd. I had a great day and then I started getting blue. Then a headache hit. Then it was gone and I was fine. Part of it was that a friend is ill with cancer and she made a comment that reminded me so much of Jay Lake. When he was dealing with the chemo fatigue and he wrote about it, and we emailed, when he had energy he would write about how overwhelming that fatigue. It made me so sad. Artists that can't create...a whole different layer of sad.
I got in just over an hour on the treadmill before the heel hurt so badly I had to stop! I did a lot of my time on incline 9 and I could tell a difference from the stairclimbing. I did 15 flights tonight. So up 3 more. If I can tomorrow will be 17 or more. I hope!

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January 21st, 2015

04:21 pm - Exercise 3
I tested a new way to protect my blister and it worked. It still hurts, but it stayed intact!
I was able to get in my 5k plus some! Plus, I did 12 flights of stairs on the stairclimber. We will be doing 27 flights at The Marriott for Halfway to DragonCon. I have 49 days to be able to do it. In Sept. we do the full 50 plus flights! BAM!

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January 20th, 2015

03:36 pm - Exercise 2
Got an hour in. Sadly it was not as many miles as I would like, but I got them in. Still dealing with the blister - but I did it. I also added three floors to my stair climbing so 8 flights today. I wore new shoes and added so much stuff to try and protect the blister.
It feels good to be moving.
So 2 days down and 10 to go.
I will be setting goals to get done before ChattaCon. A pre-Spring Spring cleaning! If we have a couple of nice days, like today, again I will be painting the front door. A sharp apple green.

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January 19th, 2015

10:50 pm - Workout 1
I have made it a goal to workout at my gym everyday that we are in town. We have an event, a Con, at the end of the month and we plan to do a 5k both days we are there at the Con. I have pre-loaded the course on a exercise tracker. We will be back there next month so we will likely try another course so I created several. I am rebuilding after a torn meniscus and still dealing with the car accident's little left overs. Five years later! One is a bone spur that causes me to get horrible blisters on one heel, and makes me change my stride enough that the other heel get ones as well.
I plan to get in at least an hour everyday for the next 11 days. Plus, the gym just added two stairclimbers. So I got in five flights tonight and will be adding to that! In 54 days we will be doing a 5k as well as climbing 27 flights at another Con hotel. The long term goal is 57 flights in September!
Building up and getting weight off.
A livejournal friend, who is now a FB friend, let me know about a project she was planning to enter. People outside the Northwest are allowed to enter so I entered a short short story. They wanted something Film Noir written in a theatrical way to be read. They story will be set to music and have sound effects. So fab! Both of us made it into the project. Out of a lot of people seven were chosen and the two of us are two of the chosen! My husband will be recording the piece as the voice is male.
I am thrilled and am working on really creating and staying in that space. Now to start getting the house in order!

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