muntahz's Journal

21 October 1974
Interests: (96)
animals, art, art nouveau, astrology, auburn hair, ballet, belle epoque, belly dancing, buffy, candle making, cats, changelings, charlaine harris, chocolate, comedy, cooking, costumeing, costuming, cruxshadow, deco, dr who, dragoncon, eddie izzard, erotica, fabric, faries, farscape, film, firefly, gardening, genetics, goth, halloween, improv, improv comedy, international style, italian food, italy, jane austin, japanese food, jewlery making, kilts, kim harrison, knitting, koi, laughter!, leather work, linda robertson, lingerie of all eras, magick, masques, music all kinds, mythology, numerology, nutrition, opera, pattern making, period films, philosophy, pilates, pisa, ponds, quilting, reading, roller derby, san pietro a grada, sci-fi, sg-atlantis, sg1, shades of pink, shiny stuff, shoes, silk, soap making, steampunk, tanith lee, tea, thai dancing, thai food, the cure, tirrenia, trees, tulle, turtles, tuscany, velvet, venice, venture brothers, victorian goth, victorian style, walking, weaving, wicca, wine, writing, yoga
Most of my life was spent outside of the US.
I am generally a very happy person.
I love to listen and a good discussion is time well spent.
I will be the first person shot when a cult takes over...I was told that by a friend of mine who is in a Cult.
I love Colour and Pink makes me happy.
Oddly, I am also a Gothicly oriented person.
So night and day are good places for me.
Just make sure I have my sunblock and parasol.
What I am is a Mix...Genetically, Historically, Mythologically, Nationality, and Personality.
I was recently told I was more of a Club Kid than a Goth...I am still planning his death, but his funeral will be Lovely!
I see balloons and happy faces!
See, Princess Daisy meets Goth Queen.
Or Doris Day meets Goth Queen...because I love her clothes!
Does that make me Stevie Nicks?
Or a Modern Bettie Page?

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