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muntahz's Journal

21 October 1974
Most of my life was spent outside of the US.
I am generally a very happy person.
I love to listen and a good discussion is time well spent.
I will be the first person shot when a cult takes over...I was told that by a friend of mine who is in a Cult.
I love Colour and Pink makes me happy.
Oddly, I am also a Gothicly oriented person.
So night and day are good places for me.
Just make sure I have my sunblock and parasol.
What I am is a Mix...Genetically, Historically, Mythologically, Nationality, and Personality.
I was recently told I was more of a Club Kid than a Goth...I am still planning his death, but his funeral will be Lovely!
I see balloons and happy faces!
See, Princess Daisy meets Goth Queen.
Or Doris Day meets Goth Queen...because I love her clothes!
Does that make me Stevie Nicks?
Or a Modern Bettie Page?